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insert witty salutation here - Cincinnati Pagans

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September 6th, 2005

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03:12 am - insert witty salutation here
Hi everyone...I just joined this relatively small community, so I figured it best if I introduced myself a bit. Feel free to kick me out if need be :) I'm 23, nearly 24 now...live on the eastside of Cincy near the Mt. Carmel area. I'm a mother to a gorgeous little irish siren named Kylie Lorelei who just turned two last month. I work as a veterinary technician on the northside of town, but am currently in a transition period and hoping to go into veterinary emergency medicine. I've been a practicing pagan for almost ten years now, but the last five years or so have really been a period of concentrated study for me. I've tried to immerse myself in environments that were conducive to building and enriching my faith, but have had difficulty doing so in a town like Cincy. Despite rumors of a diverse pagan population in this area, I've been able to find little more than a few authentic and honest ones here and there with a healthy dose of pseudo-pagans that drive me batty. I stumbled across this community tonight and couldn't help but feel a tiny pinprick of hope that there might just be others out there :) Hoping to talk to you all soon...
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
Current Music: "paperthin hymn" - Anberlin

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