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A Christian Nation? My Pagan Ass It Is! - Cincinnati Pagans

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November 2nd, 2007

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08:51 pm - A Christian Nation? My Pagan Ass It Is!
‘Freedom and the expression of Free Will - liberty with responsibility - was the God of the founding fathers, a great one that few organized religions or institututional governments wish to recognize or deal with, regardless of what they teach you in school, save by the sword, raging fists, pointy fingers, cruel thoughts and other forms of physical, financial, and mental penetration and torment.’
The Faery King 2007

During Samhain, more visions and experiences with many of the ascended elders come to me. At 6am, the morning after this sacred holiday, I became violently ill at what I saw of the possible future...

Those long passed, who tried to co-exist with the indigenous peoples of the world, weep from both the grave and the heavens, as do those who truly believed enough in the promise of liberty to set up a dream to end all dreams; that of a nation in which freedom is not only encouraged, but protected under law, The United States of America.

Squeeze your liberty so hard that you make the eagle grin! Why? Because.

Evangelical Sandmen pour from their mother’s wombs as the Indigos now come into this life, and there will be only one conclusion before the promised peace, and that is a great fight of wills.

One only need look at history to hear the points of a different kind of Iron Maiden and Rack being sharpened and tightened up for that persecution that the wind has carried to the unwashed masses before, whenever the magickal or those who think for themselves, flying their free spirit from within, reveal themselves to their fellow man, especially under the false promise of tolerance and freedom.

Liberty, The Lady, a true goddess, is offended by that which is happening to this country, as are the founding fathers and those who have given up their own lives to support the most noble of ideas born of and forged in revolution, made stronger through the position taken by US in the second World War when Jew hating traitors of their own Messiah incinerated and vaporized their own children in the name of hate.

How many so-called “good Christians” wore the Swastika?

It is true that there were some pagans of days gone by who failed the test of being able to grant and accept unconditional love. Many of us pay the debt (two-thousand years later) for their treachery and spiritual treason. We pagans and neo-pagans do pay to this very day for the sins of those we have come from, and that is the way of things.

Enough is enough! If you are pagan, then be the best and most honorable pagan you can be or at least the best and most honorable citizen you can be, regardless of your religious or spiritual persuasion (cannibals not included).

Irrespective of being Republican or Democrat, this country is in the hands of a monkey in a bad silk suit, and the evil ones that grind his organ as he dances to their tune do so not in hope of prosperity, but under the guise of the name of Jesus, fueled by greed, subjugation, and absolute power...

Ones such a Great Master as Jesus The Christ or The Buddha or Rumi would never understand, in this day and age, the promise of love, tolerance, and acceptance as it is portrayed by world leaders unfit to lead anything, save their own ego and id.

One of their tools of domination is the god of their interpretation.

The disadvantage of those who would persecute us in the name of the long dead magician, Jesus Christ, an honorable representation of the best that any of us can be, is that these Evangelicals of a certain hateful stripe cannot think for themselves.

I will place my stock and investment in a thinking mind over those holding a great book that they themselves turn into toilet paper as they claim the love of Jesus, while turning on their fellow man and their Messiah (those of us who do not share their belief system).

They have turned their own most sacred text and church dogma, at best, into tomes worthy of being soiled upon by their own actions and acts of hypocrisy.

What of the love, birth, sacrifice, and the rising of Christ? What of the early gnostic Christians? Why all the bugaboo about burning crispy for eternity? They want to and will subjugate you if you allow them to as they present you with your Republican membership card.

Republicans, you did this to yourselves when you began to sniff after the likes of Pat Robertson and, may he rot in Christian Hell, Jerry Foulwell, as you made whores of yourselves for the so-called moral majority, which is neither moral nor the majority!

I am the voice crying in the wilderness of mankind’s despair. You only need look at me through my writing to know that I am one with those who suffer in a state of love, and in my own suffering, I must honor that inner need to walk beside you.

Hopefully you won’t mind.

It is as a prince made a king that I say that many princes do lie, so look into yourselves, your heart, that sacred space of dwelling, for the soul that guides you; that place where all answers rest.

You are the children of today and tomorrow. You are my people!

Once upon a time, this child of a man buried for his own sacrifice to Lady Liberty and The United States of America, found the likes of John McCain to be a sympathetic figure, that is, until he called this a Christian Nation.

Over my dead body will the separation of church and state become the joining of said!!!!

The founders would agree with this allegedly “radical” stance. Nothing, save for true freedom, is too radical, and I am not crying fire in a theater.

Look at what these bastards have done and continue to do with the Bill of Rights, with the most Republican among them defending the actions in the name of domestic security!

You know what they say behind closed doors:

“Bait and switch is definitely the best way to keep us covered as we loot the treasury. Point at the fags, the dykes, the feminists, the liberals, the rag heads, Niggers, Jews, and immigrants, and we can profit in our deception, while doing nothing for the common man. Condi and the Kikes in the White House won’t mind. God bless America! Love the flag or leave the country!”

Isn’t that so delightfully Christian (and Republican these days)?

Were it not for Hispanics, who would buy American? And were it not for immigrants in general the Good Ole US of A would be a body with no spine, as those with dreams and their children are the backbone of this country and the mind of an America yet to be..

You Liberal men who whine to me about Hilary, not because she is unqualified to be the commander in chief but because she has a vagina, need to go back to school and learn something too.

I miss the Old Guard of Republican and the Old Guard of The Reds because you knew where you stood with them, and they would break bread with you while putting their own differences aside...

A tempest adorns the horizon, but for now, those of us with little or nothing to lose in a way that the government, in its present state, can take from us, like children or our livelihood, must stand and be counted, be it in small conversation or from our stages and pulpits, especially those of our own design.

I want the world of tomorrow to be truly free, and I want the eyes of future generations to look upon those who could and did change things for the better during a dark hour of the American Dream with great pride.

To Thine Own Self and The Gods Be True,
I am The Faery King,
And I Love All Of You!


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